What Drives Us?


We believe that well managed training based upon modern learning theory for training adults is the secret to helping students learn and above all feel confident about their new knowledge & skills. All our students are different and we work hard to ensure that their training experience meets their individual needs. Our state of the art courses have been specifically developed with our students in mind. We want each and every student to not only enjoy our courses but feel that the time they have spent with us has been constructively used. Our students consistently rate our training courses as the best they have attended.


All that we do from our training to our administration, is underpinned by our quality management system that is ISO9001:2008 accredited. Where possible we register our training with external awarding bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and Edexcel to demonstrate to our clients that our training is of a high standard and meets the demanding requirements of external verification.

A long and supportive relationship with our clients is one of our top priories. We work hard to understand their needs and help and advise them in all aspects of training within their business. We go the extra mile to demonstrate to our clients that the service they get from us is second to none. This close relationship and the level of service and support we offer sets us apart from many other training companies and comes at no extra cost to our clients. They reward us with continued support for our business by commissioning their training from us.